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Superleggera Coloreto srl is a company that has been working in the field of design and fashion apparel since 1994, designing clothing collections and design objects for the best known global labels. From 2000 Superleggera’s branch known as “Research and Innovation “ has developed technologies and patents for forms and functions both for the textile and clothing industry and for furnishings. Superleggera is unique in its field in its capacity for catering to its customers need for both tradition and innovation

Creative Director/Founder
Marcello Azzoni designer

Marcello Azzoni

Founding member since 1993. Early formative period spent in the great Italian textile and clothing companies in the 1980s . Designer and creator of the collection, specialized in top quality products and in the cashmere and sportswear collection. He has collaborated with the most prominent Italian and international groups. Lecturer at Urbino ‘s Carlo Bo University for the degree course in Fashion and Design, he has been Vice President Textile Consultant for Confindustria Marche since 2014 and is the consultant for the course Fashion and Design for the European Community.

Luca Pazzaglia

Luca Pazzaglia

Partner since 2007,
associate since 2016. Business Consultant, Administration and Development.

Riccardo Ricci - Pesaro

Riccardo Ricci

Partner since 2013, associate since 2016. Responsible for research and technological development. Trained in electronics with a degree in economics and computer studies followed by Communications and Marketing. He has developed innovative solutions for more than 20 years and conceived numerous international projects in the field of artificial intelligence, in the automatic comprehension of language and of visual technology.

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